Create PowerPoint presentations that actually matter!

How much is effective communication worth to you? Learn how to build professional presentations that sell your message and influence your audience using fully editable examples that you can use immediately.
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The fast and easy way to learn

The best way to learn presentation building is by emulating. Proven blueprints to craft compelling narratives. In 100% editable PowerPoint objects.

Product presentations

Deconstruct the logic behind real product presentations to see how you can use conceptual visuals to sell your product more effectively.

Persuasive proposals

Use proven approaches to build a compelling package that combines solution-focused content with clear visuals under a single cohesive idea.

Company presentations

Stand out from your competition by creating company presentations that inspire action and capture the raison d'être of why you do what you do.

Project templates

Define and document your idea into a qualified and presentable project designed to convince executives, stakeholders and organizations alike.

Keynote presentations

Create visual concepts that bring your ideas to life and strengthen key messages to increase your impact on your audience.

Tips & tricks

Learn simple techniques to make your presentations easier to understand, more memorable and captivate minds.

What's included

  • 1 PowerPoint slide deck (.ppt file)
  • 124 slides with 100% editable content
  • 7 different case studies to emulate
  • Theory for the "why"
  • Copy-paste content for the "how"
  • Real examples for the "what"

Boost your skills in minutes!

Get all the experience, gained from over 10 years of presentation building earned the hard way, distilled into one comprehensive PowerPoint ebook. No image editing skills needed - simply pick and choose what you need.

About the author

Nick Sjövall is a presentation expert. He has worked for over five years in the management consulting industry where he frequently trained junior consultants in presentation building. Since then, he’s worked in corporate development and crafted every type of presentation imaginable, for every audience imaginable.

This is his first ebook written in PowerPoint which aims to bring practical relief to the millions of people struggling daily with corporate communication in the form of presentations.